Doug Takes PhotosPhotography is a passion inspired by the beauty around me. Though I have not had formal training, I have had a camera around as long as I can remember. I’ve been taking photos ever since my mom gave me a point and shoot camera when I was a kid. Growing up, I remember taking photos of sky and cloud formations to capture on film what I saw in my mind’s eye. As I’ve grown and progressed, I’ve found a fascination with photographing nature, structure, and humans.

It’s captivating to capture a moment in time and view things from a unique perspective. I enjoy using my imagination to interpret space, color, form, and light in ways that are original and beautiful. While nature is so much grander than a single image can show, capturing a glimpse of its complexity can display a simple beauty. Similarly, I am impulsively drawn to photography structured objects to expose images with curious forms and shapes.

One of my favorite things to photograph is lightning. Stopping time through the camera lens during a storm lets me catch streaks of light with natural intricacies that can’t all be seen to the naked eye. The challenge of chasing thunderstorms and appreciating their intensity has become a thrill. They are an astonishing force of nature with impressive yet unforeseen patterns. Lightning is illusive to capture, beautiful to view, and always surprising in still images.

I love dramatic light and capturing the world around me in a single moment of existence. My infrared photography intentionally captures a unique complexity of light. The output is a spectrum of wavelengths that our eyes don’t normally see. Even though the infrared view is always there, our brains don’t always interpret it. Exploring this light through photography has turned from experimentation to a delightful capturing of natural light and color.

I know photography is something that will stick with me. It’s satisfying to view the images that are translated from my mind, to my eyes, through the camera, into a still image and I will continue to capture beautiful moments in time as they naturally appeal to me