Music has been an addiction for as long as I can remember. It began with making up senseless little songs and trying to play and write them down in some form. Guitar was the first instrument I was obsessed with but over time banjo, mandolin, violin, and other stringed instruments were added to my proficiencies.

My formal music education started with an Associate’s degree in music performance at Vincennes University. I continued my education at Ball State University where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in music engineering and a Master’s degree in music composition.

I enjoy blending traditional and modern music styles and experiment a lot through improvisation. I always strive to create my own voice.

I currently have one solo album and I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with several other amazingly gifted musicians over time. Currently, you can catch me performing throughout central Indiana with Midwest Rhythm Exchange, Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars, Gypsy Moonshine, John Gilmore, The Maple Trio, and Old Coyote. In the past I’ve played with the following groups: Blueprintmusic, Tommy Norris, and The Stonepickers. I’m also passionate about sharing my love of making music. So, in addition to my solo and collaborative work, I teach private lessons. I have taught students of all ages for over fifteen years both out of my home, at Renaissance Music Center and at Carmel Music Center. I enjoy inspiring and helping others gain confidence on their instrument. I find it rewarding to watch students grow as they find their own musical voice.